Crown of Thornz

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#7956 | 4,046 | 8.6/10

Sample list: 1: race car (vgchesskid) 2. give me those chronic beats (djmauro) 3. hardcore kick 1 (hugobass) 4. hardcore kick 5 (hugobass) 5. hardcore kick 3 (hugobass) 6. hardcore kick 8 (hugobass) 7. hardcore kick 7 (hugobass) 8. dream (djaddo) 9. are you ready to kick some ass? (djmauro) 10. wont you revind it? (dj mauro) Special thanks to the people mentioned above, to internet, to all of my friends(wherever you are), and to you Vero.~It's better to live one day as a tiger, than a hundred years as a sheep~(Unknown source)

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