4-8-15-16-23-42 _V4 (c-rok)

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#4263 | 21,438 | 9.5/10

this track took me like 4 hours..it is very meat and potatoes compared to my other tracks but..i wanted to experiment with a hardware fx unit hooked up to my nord...and i wanted to keep shit simple yo yield a high quality sound...i guess this would be minimal Electro.. i call it "Minima-Lectro"!!! V1.1 changes as per axisone and mcb..im not sure i got the changes straight and the scratchy shit is at the end now for djs to spin out of..if i get more"dude that scratchy shit really sucks" ill just can it completely cause there are new ideas to repeat(but for now i dont know if the chord parts that axis suggested is cool) ...you guys have been great so far..rock on!!! V2.. tightened up arrangement, cleaned up percussion..this still needs more work.....V3 took hypster and skepsis suggestions and tried to make them work..its going to take longer than i thought..thanks again everyone!!! v3.2 remaster of v3..at this point tiburon is right..simplify and move on!! ...V4 added a new melody as per hypster and trimmed the fat due to being highly repetitious. the new melody is catchy so hopefully risda will enjoy...but i hope it isnt some melody already in use...enjoy!!

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