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#4045 | 2,153 | 9.1/10

Version 1: I took a different approach to this. Each day I focused on one thing. I did the beat one day and all its variations. I did the base line a second day in similar manner. I did the melody the third day. I did the extra pads and percussion builds on the fourth day, then I finally did compression and mastering on the fifth day. I also was too meticulous with the sound. Since I couldn't get the delay effects thru automation that I wanted, I just decided to add reverb and make the delay myself using velocity changes in the notes. Actually liked it that way. Also, I didn't use any premade arps. I also couldn't find the ones I wanted and just made them from short syths and just did the patterns individually. Takes longer, but was worth it for me. So you know I intended for the attack on the orchestra to be slightly delayed behind the piano parts. This is still a first version though and would appreciate the most honest feedback you can give me. Once again I am not sensitive to ratings. Just be honest.

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