Piano Dreams (Ext. Release)

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#4184 | 6,433 | 9.3/10

Well, the demo version, or the incomplete version was a mess. Then I made a radio version, which I'm still working on. This is the extended version. I remember a comment about a roller coaster on the demo. In terms of percussion and bassline, the build up is smooth. I intentionally tease the buildup in one spot, and also do a delayed explosion after the build up by a few seconds. i like that effect and have been hearing it a lot in sets, so why not incorporate to the song. Spent a lot of time on FX this time, automation, compression, the works. I basically automated tons in the sytrus plugin, I think you will hear it. I know you will. Once again, thanks to all the reviewers that have helped me realize my flaws and improve upon them.

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