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N/A | 3,457 | 8.7/10

Once again I have been improved by reviews. I deleted first version and deactivated the second one, as people reviewed v. 2 instead of 3 lately. I won't delete, because I don't need the rating average. I want improvement I can see. This is my third version. PPB gave me a review which I disagreed with, turned out he was right as was Eoliveira. This version is slower. I took the time out to do the appropriate cut offs in the channels so the sounds wouldn't spill over as much. I also did in channel fx to make a slightly more interesting beat, toned down the noisy arps and replaced them with cleaner sytrus arps which I manually automated modulations and filters. I didn't change the piano much. But everything else is pretty much changed. Thanks again everyone.

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