Make Waves [Phase 1 Re-work]

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N/A | 1,541 | 9/10

Electro-Trance really....but anyway I been doing some work and research on mixing and effects and thought I'd upload the version of this song with effects. The previous was naked [not a single effect]. The reason for this one is I'm going to be using Ozone Isotope / Maximus as my primary effects engine for "Pre-Mastering" So I'm looking to see how it comes out to other listeners. Look for my post in "new songs" forums for more details. But I used all effects except paragraphic eq. [Stereo Image, multiband, etc etc.] P.S. I have already gotten some feedback on the "style" of the song so i'm not concerned with reading people say "variate your basslines, modulate your synths, and etc etc." I'm aware of that, my main concern is how the "quality" comes out on YOUR speakers. Thank you all so much for your time =) -Terald-

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