Tomato Jaws - Too ordinary (Synthetic Sound System low nicotine mix)

9 yrs, 1 mth

#Tech House #Ukraine

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#4295 | 3,673 | 9.8/10

from RRBR004: Based on soulful house work by Tomato Jaws, collection of remixes for 'Too ordinary' brings extended interpretations from Top UA producers, including Alexander Kostruba, Synthetic Sound System (a.k.a. Dj Arbooz and DJ Gribanov) and Key900.Elegant female vocal, live flute samples and perfect combination of melodiousness and high energy gives rich ground for remixers. Alexander Kostruba opens the release by distinctive 'pure' progressive sound. His visit card is exceptional attention to details, high sound saturation, massive beat line and polished track composition. Emotional anxiety rises higher and higher with every second and every new instrument until the peak moment does the real damage. Perfect track to drive the dance floor mad. Synthetic Sound System presents more tranquil variations of the master track, playing in the title with the cigarette nicotine content. As expected, 'low nicotine mix' shows more sentimental mood, uniting tech, minimal and deep house elements. Meanwhile 'high nicotine mix' expresses much more passion. Melody line stays as dreamy as it was, but cheekier tech/electro orientation dangerously changes former impression of innocence. Key900 evidently keeps maximum sunny atmosphere from the original track as possible and serves one more example of excellent production. Drop by drop, features from deep, electro, old-school house, flavored with fat bass line, draw picture of candid happiness and fun.

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