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Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by Beau Phillips She's the slut of the disco All the gays want to fist the Ho The way she sways, her gaze so loco And how she parties and she plays with Tina and with Coco She's a tramp We all get damp when her liquid love descends from above And how she vamps Her legs spread like margarine Practically wet when her pussy barges in And how obscene-a, her sister Tina Like the slut side kick she is, tries to get in the biz And Eva, you know, cousin Eva She's a loopy pill popping E-tard Valley of the Dolls card holding addict She's so emphatic That no one trumps the Queen of Humps, the Dame of Dames The Go-Go girl who's got such game Give me a G Give me an I Give me an N & an A Her name is Gina.... Careful boys don't play too hard With Gina at the party no whiskey or Bacardi And just a dose, Oh! she's so the most The breeder men who seek cheap thrills Will feed her to unknowing girls And Gina she's oh so evil When your trilling with the siren Part of the funs' somehow surviving But she's the Maven Everyone is craving For a sip of her Elixir And to taste this Paint Stripper Her name is Gina.... Oh No She's crossing over, baby Oh No She's crossing over, baby There is a dark side to the night... Copyright 2006

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