I Can See The Way

9 yrs, 3 mths

#Electro House #Ireland

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#4622 | 31,471 | 9.6/10

The bassline in this is very similar to a very popular track but i can guarantee you im in no way trying to make this track sound like it, i just like the sound of it! :) There are also a few suprises in this track and i kinda got a little experimental but nothing over the top. I was just messing with mono to stereo and a few other things you might have noticed by now! lol Not really sure about the genre becasue i just thought of it as Dance music but i soppose the genre quite suits it and its as close as it gets i soppose! lol Anyways like always all feedback is very much appreciated alot and welcome all critisms, so dont be afraid to say what you think on my tracks, i wont hold it against you! thanks in advance! m4rt3z

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