Elements (Tribal-Electro Original Club mix)

9 yrs, 4 mths

#Tribal House #Romania

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#4675 | 25,141 | 9.5/10

Hy there ma' friends ! It has been a while since i have last posted a track on idj but as some of you may know i had a very busy period this summer. Despite this, i'm glad to be back in this comunity and see that the level of music production has increased alot. From time to time i had some spares and began working at some tracks wich i have finishted in such a long time. This is one of that tracks. I don't think it's just "Tribal House" because i've combined a lot of styles in it but i think it's tha category that best fits the song. Hope you like it...comments and oppinions are more than welcome ! Enjoy ;) !

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