Distant Horizons (GlitchBreak Mix)

9 yrs, 7 mths

#Breaks #United States

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#4877 | 9,929 | 9.5/10

Version 2.0: Fixed vox. * After receiving lots of support and positive response on "Kick Back" I promised to do a follow up. Well, this is it. * A blent of ambient/slow breaks, this track sets a relaxing atmosphere. * Feel the crisp percussion, which is slightly tweaked throughout the entire track. If you liked "Kick Back," you are going to LOVE this track. * Sampling credit goes to DJ Puzzle (scratch); Cindy Sings (vocals); and iDJ's own ZilverFace (atmospheric sample from his track "El Presidente" [available on http://www.myspace.com/zilverfaze]) The rest of the track is unsampled and 100% original. Turn it up, close your eyes, relax, and enjoy!

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