'The End of All Things' (BRUTAL ost)

9 yrs, 9 mths

#Rock #Australia

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#4934 | 3,122 | 10/10

Epic Rock in your face! This is a track composed over a period of three days - a long time for me to focus on one track :P and it's probably still going to be in development for a while (tweaking etc). This is basically composed for a fighting game soundtrack I'm working on. This will be heard in the background as players fight one another. Imagine a city burning in flames, where you can scale buildings, jump from rooftop to rooftop...this is what I had pictured in my head :P But we'll see where the developers chuck this one in. LEAVE A REVIEW! YOU MUST! IF YOU DON'T I'LL RAPE YOU... ...with love. (NOTE: all music is copyright protected by D. Golovko Music and APRA Australia)

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