Say Hello to my little bassline, revised

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#5025 | 5,396 | 9.6/10

Feedback on the last one was very helpful & thanks for all the comments. Made most of the suggested changes & think it's worked, but let me know! Intro is quite long & (sort of) trancy - I quite like it, but not sure if it fits with the rest of the track, which is a bit harder - as said, I think it works, but let me know what you think. Cheers - update 14.03.2007 - This is now a proffesionally mastered version as going to release longer version of this on white label Vinyl. This version is mastered from MP3, but same guy is going to do proper master. I know it's unethical to advertise on this site, so if any of you want the contact details of the guy that did this then, msg me - the difference in quality is unbelievable, his rates are amazing (60.00 per track) & he's already working for most of the big dance acts in the UK.

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