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#5287 | 13,951 | 9.5/10

An interesting and different addition to my 'dark' Trance productions. With some cool plug ins and sounds it's got a dark holy 'rock' feel which helped me come up with the title. With a fitting bass and kick, I've tried to keep a simple song structure and not tried to overcomplicate things when it comes to melody. With the aid of some new software I've been able to extend the length of the track, and come up with some of the effects that I hope you all enjoy. This has probably took the longest to finish out of all my tracks, and I hope it's worth it and that you can take the time to review it. Please listen to the end of the track before reviewing though! Unlike my other tunes, I've actually been able to save this part by part so I can actually edit this properly in the future, so any advice or criticism is welcome so I can come back to it and make it better. This one is open to a remix if any of you 'remixers' want to do one, as I'd like to hear one of mine done sometime. Thanks for reading, hope you like. Length - 5:48. Enjoy.

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