Thank You Lord !

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Outreach band "In Hymn" in a church in Upland , Ca. 2002. Another track we did which was recorded with a hand held Sony mini disc recorder 50 ft from center stage. Mic about the size of a quarter...amazing how much of the instrument separation with that tiny mic...too bad I had no individual tracks to mix and master. The band members are Lead Vocal and band leader ....Ernie "Chico " Perez; Henry Gomez on Bass....his wife is one of three back-up singers, Gary Parker back up vocals , Mabel, Lead and back up vocals, Keith on Drums. Guests...Franky on sax and Isaac on percusiion: Yours truly on guitar. This was the closing song of the set. A tad bit of work to fix the audio dropouts but a great track with lots of energy.

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