The Aftertoucher - Flying Higher (DEMO)

10 yrs, 3 mths

#Hard Trance #Netherlands

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N/A | 2,725 | 7.5/10

After a few energydrinks and a lot of chatting I went back on fruityloops, trying to create a track with my new samples. First I was thinking of making a hardstyle or jumpstyle track, but I recognized almost all of my creations are 140BPM or above. So I toke 135BPM. To be honnest: "I think it's harder to create a good dance track, instead of a good jumpstyle track". The track was supposed to end up like a dance track, but it reminds me to much of flight 643, which is 'also' a trance track. Enough of me, time for you to listen! But Remind, STILL A DEMO.

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