the stripping bone

10 yrs, 7 mths

#Industrial #United States

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N/A | 2,723 | 9.5/10

i got really into the underlying bass and pads on this. i found them to be very entrancing, something like a deep whale song, and the fluid motion of it all. i held off on any voices until the end and then i just used a sample from one of my old songs as well as the refrain "stripping bone" used in reverse, so it can't be understood. the actual track is only 6 minutes or so, but then i wanted to add a seemingly unrelated outro to it, which might serve as a good intro for whatever song might follow this one on a disc... i almost want to call this a trance piece, just because it really did it for me, in that sense, but i know it feels more like an industrial track, so i put that tag on it instead...

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