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#5715 | 3,156 | 9.3/10

Yeah... I pulled this track out of the closet.....also the last uploaded version had a whacky laugh effect tossed in which It drove me crazy and really didn't fit anyway as was confirmed by here's the original. I used a Roland PMA for midi drum track, vibes, bass and strings, some live miracas and tamborine miked up on an SM 57, a strat through a Boss GT3 guitar processor and a Pro 21 Processor ...did the overdrive parts with a little Fender 85 10 inch speaker miked up with a 57 and condensor mic and processed the delay thru an Alesis micro verb. Altough GM is very old school I used the Roland PMA as a practice tool to improve my guitar, using the metronome to practice scales and to make some backing trsck was reaaly my first piece of studio gear and I certainly got my dimes worth out of it....anyway, I think this is one of my best improvs on guitar albeit a bit stiff percussion wise . Hope you injoy it in the original format....... original recording done on Roland 8 Track with lots of analog gear.

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