Platnum FM aka FM Gold aka Its Like That (Lost DDKRU Bootleg)

11 yrs, 1 mth

#Hip-Hop #United States

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lookie what I got for you... yup, I dug up a track that would otherwise never be heard... this was originally going to be heavily worked on as a track for the Ancient Knowledge CD... It was scrapped early on in the production (way before heavy mastering was done) to make room for bigger and better tracks. There are volume variations majorly with the vocals... please don't exclame this to me as if you have headphones on and i'm using a cup tied to a string to monitor my progress... this is just the track that i sent prophet home with all quick style so he could hear it... it didn't get further then this... i could fix it, but we were using crappy software (wavelab montage... ehck) for some god forbidden reason... so this is what we call a Lost Bootleg... it is what it is, its still a pretty tight listen. Prophet brakes it down nicely. beat is ehh... but whatever, this is the only time you will ever hear this version of this track... ever... enjoy.

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