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N/A | 2,065 | 9.3/10

Just Did this track not long ago, The Vox is taken from the Chorus of the song ( milk shake by Keliz ) all the sounds and Drums were programed in Reason 3.O3 Computer Software. Not mastered yet. Coz i will Isolate the bass along with the Chorus on the mastered verson... Hope yall like for the time being. Keep me informed by contacting me by Email. I'll Post Some more tracks in the near future. This Track got a lil bit of everything, Some say Funky Some Say HipHop Some say Reggae Coz I add my Reggae Piano, Some Say Disco Coz I add some Organ Disco Feel to it< and Dynamic coz of the lil FX at the background... Anywayzz I should shut up now... PEace to you all Marz!

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