Pretty in Black- Part 1 (Lace and Mirrors)

11 yrs, 8 mths

#Hip-Hop #United States

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N/A | 2,103 | 9/10

This is another submission of mine for the IDJ independent hip-hop compilation. Very layed back, kind of chill. Reminds me of Scarface or film noir for some reason. Cinematic Orchestra Sample in the backround, got some of my friends to lay down a couple tracks for the bassline and guitar parts. Yes, I realize the scratching is flabby, but eh. It sort of fits with the style of the track. Constructive Comments and Advice appreciated- this is really a new venture for me. I hope to explore it more. Edit- New version uploaded 7-5-05. Enjoy. I think I've fixed most of the issues that plauged the first version- comments and constructive reviews appreciated.

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