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#6967 | 5,581 | 8.8/10

Just sorting through a few things the other day and I came upon this track (a golden oldie). This is one of my older tracks so you will have to excuse the obvious critical points such as a little repetition and conflicting ambient & synth lines that overlap and tend to drown each other out, but I thought I'd put it up here on my profile just for the fun of it (and besides I want you to hear it now so you can compare it to the all new version I am about to make). Now that I have found it, I think I will start working on a complete revamp and remake of the entire song. Most of the vocal samples and 1 or 2 of the synths were used from a friend of mine's extensive sound archive a few years back. After all this time I listen to this track now and pick out a lot of flaws and errors in it which just gives me more motivation to strip down and re-do the entire thing. Any suggestions as to what you would like added/changed in the next edit??

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