Zen Paradox (trance mix)

11 yrs, 10 mths

#Trance #United States

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#7108 | 11,235 | 9.5/10

The remix of my track "Zen Paradox" ........I went up to 130 bpm on this one, the original one clocked in at 100 bpm.....I decided to make this version just 5 minutes long (I'm not a fan of drawn out tracks).....theres an intro and outro though.....tight kick drums and 808 hats dot this production threw out...the bassline fits in nicely to the organized chaos!!! a break down with a synth build up is also included in the mix (hey its trance).....all original including my voice for a short vocal sample.....recorded mixed and mastered using Live3, wavelab4, mpc2000, allen&heath EQs and focusrite preamp.... all sounds came from my gear with heavy use of my triton........enjoy the mp3!!! ....5 minutes @130bpm

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