Goodbye Silicone Kiss

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N/A | 1,550 | 6/10

Leaftree & Downey began establishing a loyal following of fans in 2000. Mainstream has kept an almost touchable distance, while the underground music addicts worked up an unquenchable appetite for their off center, usually off kilter and definitely unconventional approach to music. Always sticking to the belief that music is an art form, Downey continues to be unintimidated by mainstream while churning out song after song. Capable of weaving a melodic "beatlesque" ballad that would stop Fab Four fans in their tracks, then quietly turning the page and hallucinating into moody electronic tunes, then returning to pull your heartstrings with classic alternative chided love. Formed in 2000 by internationally known artist/painter, Downey Burns, a.k.a. Downe. His artwork was a prominent leader of the southwest art craze that stormed the world in the late 80's. Leaftree continues satisfying masses of fans stirring just below the surface of the cooporate music community. However, the music has had several shining moments when piercing that cooporate veil. With the release of the single, "Chasing Rain", the buzzed college radio. Yet another national glimpse with the release "Fallen Kisses". The new millenium has seen more excursions into experimenting with the ever addictive synthesizer and combining the technology of computor into the studio.

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