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#35 | 513 | 9.8/10

I remember watching this movie when it first came out and thought it was really breath taking with the concept that Hollywood’s interpretation of what heaven could be like even the scenery was breath taking to me in itself.

I don’t know what lies ahead after this life, fore I am an atheist, but I do keep up some hope that it could be something wonderful.

I watched this movie a few nights ago again, but this time it seemed somewhat more emotional to me since the subject matter and actor playing the part was now really gone.

So I decided to dig through my huge collection of sound samples and make my own attempt at a musical variation on how not only the movie made me feel, but of the idea it inspired within me full of emotional subject matter and splendor.

Some of the sounds I used you may recognize since they were used in parts of one of my other musical themes, but I decided to rearrange them in such a way as to create a whole different composition.

It is not perfect by any means, but I rather enjoyed making it.

So if you like it that is a good thing, if not that is ok as well.

I try to create music that stirs some kind of inner emotion, and believe that is the one fundamental element that all music should strive for.

So I hope you enjoy it as is, and as always.....

Have a safe and wonderful Friday and live long enough to see the next.


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