Jello And I Scream (unmastered live hardware performance)

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A spacey/heavy techno tune featuring a quote from Jello Biafra, legendary former frontman of the American seminal anarchist hardcore punk band, The Dead Kennedys. Taken from my new live hardware set 'We Are All Slaves' (the title being a modification of The Pop-group's 'We Are All Prostitutes', and referring to 'The History of Our Enslavement', the video that forms the basis of this), featuring 9 new deep/heavy techno tunes on the theme of anarchism. The big premiere for this set is intended to be at Equinox Festival, Lincolnshire, in September, where I'll also be playing a ghetto-funk DJ set (though it might get a local airing first so I can iron out potential wrinkles before the big day).

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