Spanner In The Works (unmastered live hardware performance)

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#Techno #United Kingdom

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#211 | 502 | 9/10

Bright and optimistic-sounding for the most part, reflecting the content's assertion that we can affect positive change, this deep/heavy techno tune is dark in parts to remind us what we're fighting against. Taken from my new live hardware set 'We Are All Slaves' (the title being a modification of The Pop-group's 'We Are All Prostitutes', and referring to 'The History of Our Enslavement', the video that forms the basis of this), featuring 9 new deep/heavy techno tunes on the theme of anarchism. The big premiere for this set is intended to be at Equinox Festival, Lincolnshire, in September, where I'll also be playing a ghetto-funk DJ set (though it might get a local airing first so I can iron out potential wrinkles before the big day).

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