Orchestra South Sample Pack ( Listen and Download Free)

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Orchestra South Sample Pack Free Download From Microsoft One Drive 188MB zipped 605MB un-zipped (Use Win Rar to un-zip).

This pack is good for hip hop south style genre, but if used in parts then mixed in to other projects it can also be useful for dramatic style classic genre's as well.

This sample pack contains full folders with all BPM’s from 86BPM to 96BPM each contains all needed to complete a master track and there are a total of 10 full folders all perfectly set to each kind of chord, instruments, choirs, and matched time BPM plus a full mix down master track of each set.

This is just a small sample of the wav format sounds included in this Orchestra South Sample Pro Pack.

This is a royalty free professional sound sample pack for anyone to use and create their own original track.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing what you can create using it.

All I ask is that you pass the word around and of course make some great tracks with them no need to mention my name; it’s yours to do as you please so enjoy.

I will be posting more sample packs here and in the forum each week or whenever I can, so be sure to go check each day or for every Friday unless I am not able the next day for sure, there will be a new Pro pack bundle just waiting for you to download free and I do mean royalty free as well.

You can download it free from the One Drive link below:


Music should be shared and most of all fun.

All the best.

Cheers from Synthworx 2016

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