Sample Pack 2 Chill (Listen and Download Free)

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Chill Sample Pack Free Download From One Drive 655MB (Use Win Rar to un-zip).

This is just a small sample of the wav format sounds included in this Chill pro pack.

Note that due to Microsoft One Drive free storage I have up to 5 GIG then I must delete some files once I reach this limit to make space for new files, so be quick to get the sample packs before I need to delete them.

I am looking into other free storage hosting providers that allow more space and fast free down loads for free users like you so when I do I will post them.

This is a royalty free professional sound sample pack for anyone to use and create their own original track.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing what you can create using it.

All I ask is that you pass the word around and of course make some great tracks with them no need to mention my name; it’s yours to do as you please so enjoy.

I will be posting more sample packs here and in the forum each week or whenever I can, so be sure to go check each day or for sure every Friday there will be a new Pro pack bundle just waiting for you to download free and I do mean royalty free as well.

You can download it free from the One Drive link below:!118&authkey=!AMMUvrJvbdxSaSw&ithint=file%2crar

Music should be shared and most of all fun.

All the best.

Cheers from Synthworx 2016

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