True Belivers

12 yrs, 1 mth

#Trance #United States

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N/A | 3,122 | 9.5/10

Power trance with lots of energy and speed!!! all original track made with all my gear..All synth work(leads-pads-fx) made with triton and ms2000. The bassline came from my korg poly800 patched threw my bass pod rack..The drum kit made with mpc2000xl, used for sampling NIN inch nails CD(kicks-snares-drum-fx) also used ER-1 for the hats...Filtering done with Akia analog filter module as well as triton synth.Vocal samples are mine, used my mic rig as well as the fx from the Roland sp-808.... Recorded and mixed using Live3....mastered and mp3 conversion: Wavelab4..........6:21@171 bpm........I hope yall enjoy the MP3!!!!.......the second edit better kick-drum..better master!!!

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