Everlast Horizon

12 yrs, 3 mths

#Breaks #United States

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#7160 | 3,317 | 9/10

well this track statrted out as a hip-hop track, that explains the slow tempo of 100 bpm...but it turned out into a breakbeat/trance/electro thing. I'm not sure of the style,but I know is probably my best material up until now....I used my new sampling methods with my mpc2000, and was able to come up with some good drum kits for this one!!! the rest of the sounds came mainly from my triton and ms2000...and that crunchy distorted bassline came from me EA-1 patched threw my bass pod rack......I also used my voice for a few voice samples....recorded and mixed and mastered: ableton live3 ....mp3 conversion: wavelab 4.....anyway I hope yall enjoy the mp3!!! .....morningstar

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