The Ripper Of Rap Street (Theme Music Based Project)

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N/A | 593 | 9.9/10

Wanted to try something with various genres in one track as a theme based project after watching a documentary on Jack The Ripper.

Hence the name The Ripper Of Rap Street.

I picked the overall genre as Ambient House even though some sounds are Gangster Rap, Pop 70s, 80s, Soul, Disco, and Hip-Hop overtones mixed with a hint of grunge.

Added some etheral female vocals mixed with one male sample and shriek sounds as it plays into the story line of the Ripper story line.

Hope you like it, or perhaps your not CUT OUT for this kind of music lol.

In any case I have fun making these kinds of tracks sometimes because there out of the norm.

Wanted to add a musical gritty, yet dramatic melow twist to the old Jack Ripper mind set in this track.

One thing for sure it's an original cut above the rest. pun intended.

EQ is high on some of the drum sample's but over all not to harsh on the ear drums pun intended.


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