Together ( German Vocal Voice Parts By ✰Milennia Sunshine✰)

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This is my Vocal Tech House Track "Together" with my Vocal Voice Parts in German, You hear my Voice in this Track :-) !!! I have for you the lyrics translate in english, so you know what I say in German :-D

Lyrics / Vocal Voice Part in German :

Kennt Ihr, das Tiefe Gefühl, der Vertrautheit, der Verbundenheit, der Glücklichkeit und der Zugehörigkeit, in Liebe ?
Habt Ihr dies und diesen Menschen, an eurer Seite, dann lasst diesen Menschen, niemals los und geht mit Ihm, Hand in Hand zusammmen <3 !!!

Translate in English :

Do you know the depth of feeling of familiarity, of connectedness, of happiness and belonging, in love?
Did you this and these people on your side, then let these people who never lost and goes with him, hand in hand together <3 !!!

The Track is for Free - Free Download for You !!!

I hope You like it :-)

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