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N/A | 138

Big electro-punk track with bits of acid-techno, dubstep and electro-house, and a synthesized anti-religion poem inspired by Johnny Solstice and the Je Suis Charlie campaign...

"Surrender...have faith..........

I speak for a god of man's invention. 
I know his will, I know his intentions. 
His ways are mysterious, but I get his gist, 
despite the fact, that he doesn't exist. 
The power I take, from the praise that you give, 
allows me to dictate, the way that you live. 
I threaten damnation to he that defies, 
and if that's not enough, I decide how he dies. 
Send up your drones, send up your rockets, 
send him more souls, while I line my pockets.

Surrender your critical faculties... 
Have faith in fantasies.............

I am your leader, its me you should follow, 
I'll feed you God's word, and make sure you swallow. 
The job's half done, coz the brain conjours patterns, 
when the truth is unknown, so you're ready to be shat on."

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