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Have you hugged an alien lately? Working Title "Aliens or Familiars?" Often times when people think of, mention or describe aliens it is some being that can create or fly some kind of spacecraft, or communicate with humans in some intellectual way. There has been a tendency to evolve aliens in our own minds, easily forgetting how at one time everything was alien to us but perhaps our mothers. Perhaps alien “life” is as far removed from humans as seaweed or further as something of a crystalline nature. Gene Roddenberry used a good imagination in Star Trek with the rock creature, but still it took on human characteristics, basically it was a human rock. A Grand Design A Grand Design "Rybird art"[/caption] I am not so sure we would even recognize an alien, as it could be silicon based instead of carbon, not communicate at all or not with movement and sound or in any way that humans can even recognize. When trying to think realistically, the tendency is to think of lower versions of life “as we know it”, still picturing it as taking on some form of algae or amoeba. Perhaps aliens are just that, alien, and exist but not in a form that we can even recognize. Who is to even say they have form, since we seem to recognize only those things that take form. No, we will continue to look for what is familiar and continue to see, or not see, more of the same familiar things. Meanwhile we are more comfortable knowing that ET has a place he can call home. After all, it's easier and makes good entertainment.. But what if we did make contact with an alien, how would we respond? I have seen suggestions such as drawing a triangle and solving the quadratic formula or do some basic math to show the aliens that we are smart. Perhaps, but the initial shock if we came face to face with an alien, “and knew it” would be so traumatic we would be terrified and run. Perhaps you think otherwise, but let me point out, what does a fish do when you pick it up? Or a bird's reaction? Are you not alien to it, much the same way? It only tries to escape. You may think that reason and logic would dictate a lack of fear, but I am pretty certain the fear would be great. Unless you made contact and became familiar with it before finding out it is alien. But what do they think about us? I did have the fortune to contact one, but it was by email. It was a she, and she sent a picture of a pretty lady cause she was afraid her looks would scare me off. But this is what she had to say about humans. “I have taken a look at people from a distance. They are social animals, have the herd instinct, although some stray. They are easily fooled and trapped, they can be distracted very easily. Have no sense of purpose, and even though they have a complex language, they never say anything of importance. They don't even remember their original mating call. They like to change the way they look and smell and pretend they are a higher form of life. Yes, humans are a strange lot and the only living creature to create religion and sin. Even with religion, they are misguided by instant gratification. They are also the only species of life that depends of chemicals, whether it be pharmaceuticals or gasoline. I never have seen another creature require a vehicle to migrate. They are also afraid of the elements and surround themselves with glass, steel and plastic bubbles, and finally they don't even begin to understand themselves.”Zocor the GalagonSpace Coffee Rybird Photo/Graphic[/caption] It isn't hard to imagine aliens being out there, after all, the universe is a big place, but if aliens  did visit the earth, what would they be like? I would like to quote Bearpaw from Post Election Notes from the GOP. “I fully expect that if there’s ever any influx of *actual* aliens, most of them will end up in the US. And some of them will stick to their own little enclaves, and others will learn English and listen to the latest music and fall in love with burgers and Afro-French fusion cuisine and wear baseball caps (if they have the equivalent of a head). And some Americans will be suspicious and treat them like ****, and the rest of us will pick up alien whistle slang and get funky to their rhythm-flash jamming and start putting alien anchovies on our pizzas. (And put intersapient porn up on the intertubes.) Because that’s what Americans *do*.” Personally, I do hope they invade and bring us better food, music and I won't even mention sex, or talk about tails and tentacles. Meanwhile we can continue to send out gold records with Chuck Berry and listen to distant shifts in the start for evidence, when in all probability, we stepped on, or swallowed one already. Rybird

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