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#710 | 10,030 | 10/10

Created for my 1st album "Lady Gaga In Space 2015", here is the single most played around the globe (over 50 countries in less than 1 week)...for the full free album, go to the iTunes store, search for DJ EUROBEAT and you will find the full album. This site doesn't allow 1-hour long albums, sorry...anyways, slap on your headphones and bounce along to my silly song about Putin and zombies. yes


Everyone run!-

Here they come.-

They're out for blood-

Here they come!-

RUN (repeat)--

Here come the resurrected-

Run or they'll get your head-

Here come the resurrected-

Don't even try, soon you'll be dead-

Here come the resurrected, don't even try, soon you'll be dead.--

Here comes President Putin!-

He is full of gluten-

Pull out your guns and shoot them-

He's our he's our President Putin!-

Shoot (repeat)-

Shooting zombies with President Putin-

Who wants to go shootin' zombies with President Putin?-

President Putin!

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