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After the intentionally filthy Dakota, I always knew I wanted the following song to stand as the polar opposite: light, happy, poppy. I approached this by studying J-Pop songs (like Po Pi Po and Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya by Miku Hatsune), but also wanted a heavily Bitpop/Chiptune/Synth-Pop vibe in the mix, by which I took influence from Ground Up/Knifeshow’s Gnarcade song, Anamanaguchi’s Meow song, David Bowie’s Low album, Crystal Castles’ debut album, and Yelle’s Safari Disco Club album. That said, I knew I simply had to conclude the tune with some proper face-raping black metal, which I mostly based on Cradle Of Filth’s Babalon A.D. track. As a result, if I had to truly pick this song apart, I'd say I took the relatively unknown Horse the Band’s sound, and broke it in two. For storyline purposes, I planned on including an a capella Doo-Wop breakdown in the middle, performed by yours truly. However, when looking for inspiration, I found that the song A Kiss from Your Lips by The Flamingos was in public domain, slapped that bitch in, and it worked just like that, no additions required. This kind of technique did remind me of countless songs from Kanye West’s Yeesuz album, and even though this was unintentional, I do listen to a fuckload of Kanye, so…? I also want to note that this is the only CDH piece so far with a one-track vocal take, for better or for worse. The story itself places focus back onto LegoTrip, but is also an imperative part of the overall tale, as the separate Lizzie/Demon Girl timelines finally come together right here. Scary! And you know how much I love a cliffhanger, ensuring the end of The Black EP sets up the final pieces of the adventure nicely. In the end, the surreal imagery and bouncy melodies really appealed to me, so much so that this is probably my favourite song on the journey so far, and is the only effort I wasn’t completely sick of by the time I finished. Rad, here’s to part 3.

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