Beach Land on Mars

12 yrs, 5 mths

#Downtempo #United States

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#7372 | 2,377 | 6.9/10


I really cant explain this one except for it took me a while to figure out what I should name it.. I just had Beach and Mars both of thoes in my head. This track goes from 9/2 to 4/4 bpm stays 138.473 the whole song. Just wanted some feedback.. I'm sort of heading in this direction except for a spanish guitar track im working on The landing site of the Mars rover Opportunity was once the shore of a shallow, salty sea, NASA scientists have declared. The weight of evidence now gathered makes the conclusion unequivocal, they say. It is the first time direct evidence has been found that a body of standing, liquid water ever existed on the surface of Mars. Many planetary scientists have long believed that was the case, but having solid proof on the ground will change how future exploration of the red planet proceeds, as ideas about its potential for life. - BB

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