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#978 | 2,674 | 10/10

A dark electronic piece. Lots of distorted drums and processed fx. Its just a bit grim and grimy. This was made with AcidPro, and a few little bits of kit... these were... Future Music Loops - Pink Noise / Perfect P/ Glitchcorp / CultureVulture / DigitalDope2 / Tekniks. Peace and Lover Prod. - Fresh cuts Hiphop, PLP - Progressive Dance Pack, Electrosounds - Supreme Sounds, Galbanum - Abstraction Vols 3 and 4 TAL Noisemaker, EVM Ultrasonique, PM Aethereal, Crystal, Rez, AM Wavedraw, TAL Dub3, Acid Ex Reverb and UpStereo

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