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Carnival Days Ah, the autumn breeze, it reminds me of the fair, the rides, the wonderful food smells, and the livestock, then the museum like exhibits, and never will I forget the games. “Everyone's a winner!”, the carnival workers would shout. The carnival always beckoned me, as if it was my destiny. Quickly my attention was brought to the flashing lights, the newness of the loud dance type music being played, with “Faster! Faster!” being shouted over large PA speakers. The excitement tingled my insides as I would double check my tickets I was clenching. Then strapped in, round and round I would go, the world spinning around me, hearing the somewhat calming screams of others savoring the ride. Too soon the ride was over, myself a tad dizzy, would trample through the noisy crowd towards the next ride. Beginning to hunger for the delicious state fair corndog, I would recount my tickets to be sure I had enough for the glass house in which I couldn't wait to get lost. Then sitting down to eat my cotton candy, I would grin widely, knowing there was a piece of heaven on earth. Rybird - See more at:

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