DJ DX feat.DJ Madden - We Love Hip-Hop

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We Love Hip-Hop DJ DX Hip-Hop ain't dead I just brought it alive I'm not J.Cole but I can't let Down Nas Kill Illuminati I'm against all Odds I got a message In my Heart from the Hip-Hop Gods I'm Young black and Proud and I Rhyme with clout Love and Unity Is what it's all about! Clean up your Community and Get the Poison out to many people have died Just in the south! So open your mouth "MAN" and use your brain Music to my race is so hard to explain they're killing the culture It's time for a change All Y'all rap about is money and diamond rings! Knowing most of it is fake so stay out of my lane, I'm making record after record on the road to fame! Ever since March 9, The Game has changed A few years Later "JMJ" Jam Master Jay Got slained - Summer Chorus We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... DJ DX VERSE TWO Yo, uhh, Still i remain supreme cuz my cuts is raw I made a record for the fans, Just to make them scream It's Like this Ya ll It's Like that Y'all Dx and Madden had to bring it back Y'all It's a fact that we wont stop to many rappers on the radio turned Pop but with out a doubt I perfected my flow I keep it Hip-Hop like rock and soul I started scratching on Vinyl at four years old then i went and bought a mixer and went out of control Innie , Minnie, Miny, Moe the fans knows how it goes ... at my shows, Girls rush to the stage Just to rip off there clothes but i love Hip-Hop that's why i bought it a Rose All across the Globe and all around the world, I am here to let you know that we're about to explode - Summer Chorus We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... DJ DX VERSE THREE Yo, Uhh From the breaks of James Brown, to Kool Herc in the Boogie Down Hip-Hop started in the park where Emcee's battled for the crown B-Boy's Jumped around Graffiti in the town if you was about Violence then you weren't allowed around! Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, Can't forget the WU "Wu-tang" and the whole Staten Island The world has turned cruel but I'm up for the challenge we really make records we the best like DJ Khaled from New York to Dallas Parties at the Palace I'm feeling like Biggie when he went back to Cali It's a seven day theory You can call me Makaveli even white girls feel us, and there from Southern Valley we don't smoke bally and we don't snort coke 10 years from now we wont go broke Dx and Madden Don't forget our names cuz we the only Dj's that's running this game - Stephanie Garcia Outro Chorus We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop .... We Love Hip-Hop ....

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