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Fifth #Single of #MisterE #Album by Breck Stewart, music and mastering by 604-ToKay (Hans Kremer). It was directed and edited by Breck Stewart with first AD/DP Steve Turmel, photographer and second camera unit Philippe Vigier and technician James Martin. The video features Bruno Leto as Vecto, Stephanie Tremblay as Queen Viaba, David Bertet as Vesto, Kymara Kia Lee as Empress Mialona and Daniele Ducharme as Countess Expressia with clothes by designer Sandra Claros. It was shot on location at Sky Pub Club in Montreal, Canada. The term Mister E is a reference to the drug MDMA commonly known as Ecstasy which is very popular in clubs. All the songs on album Mister E are about the danger of Ecstasy and how it can have a devastating effect on the human brain.

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