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N/A | 843

Don't kick us! Don't change us! What do you think now of us? Don't kick us! Don't change us! It's our life just for us Don't kick us! Don't change us! We don't give f....k your bias We are not infection Say what you think, love who you want. Don't listen them all, for you it's big wrong They can't tell what we must, we may be free to the last. Get from each other way, and be for us new day And loudly we'll shout through the stealness And loudly we'll shout that break the glas. We are beaking the rules, I will be my self. So we can swiftly move, I have just one chance Your game are fake image, doesn't metter our age. My soul flys far away, it's like (sweet) poisen in my brain Don't wish die, look at blue sky. They always lie, I know why. Don't be sad, you're not mad Be open eyed, belive your mind

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