DEPECHE MODE / HEAVEN (Genomizer dance remix)

3 yrs, 11 mths

#Eurodance #Finland

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#1403 | 1,929 | 10/10

This is my remix of a group I have loved ever since their first single so that makes me so young....I tried to bring this track a bit of the old DM like ENJOY THE SILENCE-type of thing. Just remember I´m not MARTIN GORE. But if he would hear this I´d love to have his opinion on this one. Of course you guys are my very best judges on that one. Please let me know how you feel about my remix!!! And further more like in general please tell me in which cathegory my music falls into. It´s so hard for me determine it. I always put my tracks under EURODANCE, just can´t figure it out myself. YOURS GENOMIZER

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