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DJ Wings - Ignore Curfew
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It has been a while since I reviewed here but it's a special occasion since this is a tune by me good friend-Wings :) Cool intro with the pads and underlining bass. I like the progression and appreciate how you take your time to build up the track. I also like the breakbeat influence here. It is always good when producers work on fusions of different genres. This is breaks but I guess the melodies are inspired from your melodic trance side :) Check out Sasha's album involver if you haven't already. (I like the fact that some of the tunes in there are a fusion of prog trance and break beat). Cool lil fx work here and there. I wish the bass had a lil bit more oomph. This one was kinda what's the word-wooley :D The melodic synths definitely work. I am imagining rushing cars in a metropolis with this theme. It gives an awesome vibe-mellow vibe and melodies(pads and melodies) with some nrgy(rushin drumz). I think the track is also good for some vocal work. Maybe some dude rapping on it might work :) Last but not least, the structure is very well done and the mixing too as I am listening to everything clearly. Overall, awesome tune you got here Wings. Keep em comin and never think about stopping production again. Like I told ya last time, it would be a shame to waste this talent. Big up and one love :)
2011-10-10 05:40:37
Exa-Joule - Kaneval 3.0
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Progressive and deep house are my favs from house sub-genres and I am glad I am hearing a wikked prog right here :) Good work on the intro. I appreciate how you took your time to slowly build the track. Definitely feelin the bass here. The beat is also good(good job with the percs). Feels cool when it calmed down. The main lead that comes in is really good and I think it kinda gave me a Tiestoish feel (I hear a trancey influence here if I ain't mistaken) :) I disagree with the repetition comments by PPB and GtheG cause I think there is enough variation here. I like the use of fx and the overall atmosphere. The sound is clear but like Don Don mentioned, some sounds on the high-end like lead synth can be a tad lower (or maybe less fx) cause it lacked a bit clarity in some parts. Great song structure but at the outro, I would have preferred if you continued with the percs and ended without the loud fx and lead. (U usually hear that sort of thing right before a climax if U know what I mean but I also appreciate the freedom) Overall U got awesome tune right here m8. It is creative and gives a good vibe. Keep em comin! p.s- Adding it to my favorites ;-)
2011-05-28 09:41:10
DJ Wings - Warning: Sexy Robots
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Awesome work! Synths are very cool indeed. Nice atmosphere with the pads and the beat is great too. This track got me into a really nice mood and I am bobbing me head already :). Great bassline and very nice melodic elements. The piano is sweet and I loved how you put some real emotion into a dance track (I don't get that in all if U know what I mean). Track gave me a Gabriel and Dresdenish feel reminding me of tunes like Arcadia. The mastering is excellent btw(done much better than most of the released electronic tracks I hear). Everything is clear and warm and gives a great feel. I will be honored to do a collab with you on a similar or different kind of project once I am fully done with my current ones (that is of course if U have time to spare/share ;-) Overall, wikked tune U got Wings. Luved it. Cheers and keep the great music comin! p.s- Adding it to my idj favorites right now.
response from artist All whiz this review was awesome! So sorry it took so long to respond, IDJ didn't let me know I had one. I would love to collab with you as I'm always down for making laid back melodic stuff. Thanks for listening dude and I can't wait to hear more stuff from you!
2011-05-24 12:28:22
morningstar - Radio Jesus-Everybody Knows (m-star rmx)
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Just reviewed Reve's original which I really liked. I am hearing good beats here. Sounds like U added more oomph to the bass too. The noisy fx bring more to the atmosphere. I think U may have put a lil bit too much fx on the vocal though (prefer the crisp sound on the original). Overall you have made the original more club friendly with the extra touches and have taken a good direction on this one. Great remix m8 :) Cheers.
2011-05-23 06:45:17
radio jesus - Everybody Knows
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Starts out nicely. Minimal sounds which work well. This gave me a similar feel to the dark synth-pop "Oh Oh" by The presets although their sound is more synth based & danceable. Great lyrics- "U can't win em all"-true. Your vocal work is pretty solid man and is pretty catchy too I might add :) Btw I too wouldn't advise U to use the slayer like U did (It takes away from the overall pro sound with its dry sound) It is better to fatten it up with other vsts or if U want only an electric guitar sound, U should look for better vsts out there. The melodic arp was nice though. I wanted some lows - (more bass) when I was hearing it on a lower volume at night but today I am hearing it loudly and I think this works out just fine. Must be my fav from ur stuff m8 :) Great work and keep em comin.
2011-05-23 06:34:34
Zero PORTA - I get my rap
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Intro is amazing but I think it is a sample so I won't give U the credits. Are U the one rapping or is it another person? Nice flow with great energy ;-) and the beat also works. Couldn't tell if the background string is a sample or not :) -Not crazy about ppl using samples especially if it is not speech,vocal or drum. The vocal which comes in between the rapping is pretty cool. Am not crazy about the structure though. I wish the tune had a chorus and other elements. I mean the rap goes on till the end without any structural change- I remember hearing this kind of structure in Gangstarr's Word's from the ghetto but that one was a pretty short track. Anyways I think the overall feel is pretty solid and I really enjoyed it. Cheers m8 and keep em comin.
2011-05-22 19:34:05
The Synth Lords - What Ive Done(Remix)
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I am no genre expert but I think this is chill out (with a bit of a trancey influence.)-Am talkin about genres since U mentioned em in the thread :) Coming back to the track, I think U really did a good job here. The initial pad chord rox. Has an ethereal feel to it. The overall atmosphere is pretty chill and laid back which I really liked :) Really cool melodic elements here. Synths that came after are trancey like I mentioned b4 and I enjoyed em. Beat felt right when it started but I wished it got a bit stronger as the track progressed-Urs also work though. Bass sounds like a vocal sample (like a man's vocal sample saying -yeah or am I wrong? :D) Can use another proper bass sound and a bit more oomph I think. Some parts had no bass but it didn't feel wrong. Cool choirish sounds-they sounded like a vocal sample in the end. Overall, sweet tune U got here. It reminded me of the kind of tunes that I used to listen to long time ago & I really enjoyed it. Cheers m8 and keep em comin!
response from artist yeah the vocal sample your talking about is really just a heavily distorted and filtered synth made in massive, not too hard to make but defiantely sounds cool, thanks for the indepth review still got some level issues to work out but this is more or less the final version
2011-05-20 18:49:11
DJ Wings - Bulletproof- (Blue Kitty Instrumental Remix)
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My connection got me a break at last so here I am. Sweet tune U have here Wings :) Haven't heard the bassline b4 but it is a catchy one. Good work on the beats. I also appreciate the melodic elements here and there. Overall mix sounds pretty good. This sounds clean on my speakers. Luved it when it calmed down and became quieter (luv silence in tunes) and when the piano and flute play along, it feels great. Overall excellent tune U have here wings. I enjoyed it. Cheers ;)
response from artist Thanks Whiz :) glad you enjoyed it. Still trying to bring some more changes to it though as I'm not quite happy with it yet. Hoping to collab with others on it :D
2011-05-17 18:52:41
DJ TripVanwinkle - oh somethings quiet... (extended maxi-single)
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Don't know why I said strings :)
response from artist haha- pads, strings... its all the same (lushness)... but i knew you meant synth-pads :))
2011-05-16 17:30:22
DJ TripVanwinkle - oh somethings quiet... (extended maxi-single)
(no ratings)
Great work on the pads/strings. The atmosphere is excellent. The guitar is sweet and the drumz are wikked. I liked what U did with the hats and also how U slowed and speed things up with the drums :) There were times when I didn't feel crazy about the vocals but she has a real good voice. The overall vibe reminds me of artists like Telepopmusik. I mean how warm the atmosphere feels and everything. Overall excellent work U have done here bro. I like it a lot! Would luv to see this on the number 1 spot :) Cheers.
response from artist hey thanks Whiz!!!... very cool that you enjoyed it, and also thanks for the #1 chart comment :) even though positive reviews/thoughts outweigh chart #'s anyday ;) thanks for all your support!... Peace & Love -Trip
2011-05-16 17:24:42