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dj76d33p - Big Booty Hoes
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If your intent was to make me laugh. SUCCESS! Thanks for the awesome.
response from artist thank you much.
2014-10-06 00:19:24
Alton Squad - Kidz
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You have a great sense of melody. But the production up until like 1:10 is ridiculously bad. After that its like you're at a whole other level of skill. But then you go back to that "live" drum sound...ARGH. I still think its solid. Just rework that "live" drum sound
2014-10-06 00:18:20
Zacc Nash - Cydief Pharaoh (Zacc Nash Edit)
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Takes too long to go anywhere. Electro likes to move fast these days... However.. you have some great stomper parts in here. I'd rework this. Its pretty clever.
2014-10-06 00:15:57
Shannon McDowell - Snow and Sun (Original Mix)
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Everything I upload here ends up sounding funny. I like the groove a lot, however, the vocal is not in the right key with the music...and throws off the excellent groove you established. Cool stuff dude!
response from artist Greetings, and thank you so much for your constructive review! I do tend to have difficulties with mixing vocals in general, and I appreciate you bringing the tuning issue to my attention. And I do lose objectivity the longer I listen to tracks during production! Thanks again! Shan
2014-10-06 00:13:46
dj Project m59 - The End (Original Mix)
Such a good break dude. Its just SOOOO GOOD.
2014-07-08 23:50:54
LLAMATRON - Heavy Crockett
(no ratings)
Its very interesting. Mixed digitally so it sounds super tiny. The vocal treatment is awesome but I think you are hiding the fact that the raper's voice isn't interesting? The producer knows what the heck they are doing, cause there is great flow, but not great raping FLOW, vocals should't be behind everything and perhaps someone who has good FLOW should rap it?
2014-06-30 06:59:40
DJ Transaction - Logic Gate(trance) Original
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Its fun. if you want to do it right multi-track bounce to a mix engineer. Its not a mastering issue. Its a you have no idea how to mix issue. The track loses its groove at around 2 minutes... So I mean, I would keep practicing and make friends with a good mix engineer who knows an SSL G-Series is.
response from artist Mixing is actually my strong suit. You did not hear that from this track because this is an unedited track I threw together and uploaded to get opinions on the melody and sound construction. I hope you don\'t judge me as an artist based only I n one song. If you want to see my mixing skills please refer to any of my other three recent uploads.
2014-06-30 06:56:43
Noise&Bass - Meltdown(Original Mix)
(no ratings)
Have you ever watched martin garrix talk about the making of Animals? I feel like you have. Fun tune.
2014-06-30 06:53:12
dj Project m59 - The End (Original Mix)
(no ratings)
Okay, I get it, you want to win the loudness war. ARGHH the clipping. Great breakdown though. This breakdown kicks a$s.
response from artist Okay, Thanks for your comment
2014-06-30 06:42:03
Alex.N - H2O-Summer Not Summer (Alex.N Summer Mix)
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Submit to DDR please.
2014-06-30 06:41:03