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Shanny & SoniQ Dreamers - Solar Serenade
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I like trance, I like logo picture more than track, very very nice job, friend. I like bass but too simple and too boring but nice mix work. I think you need more strong melody increase volumes, its hard to hear. Break is nice and i like electronic vocal piece, i use in my new track too. strings are very nice i feel like flying, flying, but make me sleepy too. lead sint come in now and is kida fun. After break is nice but its not original, i hear this sound many times before. like broken record. this track is has very nice sint work and the percs are not so bad but nothing in this muisc is memorable to my ears. I think you guys should try adding more polska elements to liven track. Thanks for listening and i think you like my new track numba one, very epic trance for your ears.
response from artist Slam, go slam your head bro we sent this out to Tiesto's fucking Black Hole and he wants it on a set so stick this up your ass sick of you reviewing like an asshole peace!!!!
2006-10-31 19:57:48
Shanny & SoniQ Dreamers - Wind Chaser
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I like the intro sounds like flying. I think the bassline needs help because it sound old and sound like behind wall. I like break like flying...nice crash cymbal but we hear sample b4. I don't like snar roll like this sounds like old trance. Ths melody sounds nice but i can think i hear before. Ohh i like new break melody sounds very nice i like synth. nice to know you music, i will listen more.
response from artist Thanx for your time ! Actually the bassline got a bit too loud & muddy when it was released 1st ! Keep in touch for new releases ! Thanx :)
2006-10-29 22:12:34