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- Whales Earth Song
(no ratings)
Very deep ! I like the progression...This is really what I call "Ambient" music..Congratulation, this is music that makes me dream and I love this state of mind ! My only critic is that on some of the moments of the song where signal volume is high, I have the feeling it have some saturation/clipping in the low freqz...Good feelings with that stuff anyways !
2016-10-26 12:12:33
Polymorph - a distant center mass (live demo)
(no ratings)
I think this indeed minimal techno with a crasy feeling of fantasy ! Your bass is good. Not so experimental after all...I will download it !
2016-10-24 17:50:36
Synthworx - Welcome To Groove Town
I like the intro, it's a bit crasy ! Not the "big" sound but something well composed...but anyways instruments fit well together...This track is inspired...Make me think to the old trance/chill music of the 90's ! Once a time I give a rate (especially cause I will download it !!!!) . :-)
response from artist Thank you Raphael for the kind review and great rating my friend. all the best to you as well cheers.
2016-10-23 11:03:11
DJRDM - Make It Pump
(no ratings)
I like these melodies...makes me think to a keygen music a bit ^^. Not so bad but a bit confuse at some moments.
2016-10-22 19:30:58
(no ratings)
This track moves well ! I like the bouncing feeling with this beat and bass...Track is also a bit scary with these plugged vocals...Your track have many aspects...I don't like all the parts of it but it's not bad !
2016-10-22 19:23:41
EatMe - EatMe - 1 Love
Make me think a bit of electro jazz with this bass...I love this piano, it is beautiful ! When the kick come the track is really classy. I think you should extend and expand this cause I want more when I listened the track til the end ! Great work anyways !
response from artist Thanks for your rating!
2016-10-21 09:21:16
Particle-X - Dont Blink (Divine 2016 mix)
(no ratings)
Deep intro, you still have this magical athmosphere in your tracks...The track is cool but you made better ones ! Need more action...It's like you produced an ambient trance track with a psytrance beat..I think this doesn't fit really together. But anyway this track is decent and I understand that people that reviewed it gave you 10/10...Dude you are a magician of athmosphere and sophesticate productions !
response from artist Thanks for your compliments. I do indeed try to create a atmosphere. And like the contrast between beats and ambient sounds. That\'s maybe why i try to combine those elements and some are better then others, you are right on that. Thanks for your words. I still try to improve my productions and there is still work to do.
2016-10-20 09:32:39
Particle-X - Winter Falls
(no ratings)
Sounds very good, excellent dynamics and instruments ! Astral/Dream style ! It's just excellent...No critic, this is almost perfect...You always had a lush sound but now it's just amazing man ! These "bells" are making me groove strongly !!! Almost perfect...If you have an album with 70 minutes of music like this track, then I think you can make a bit of cash if you have the' chance to have a bit of promo !
response from artist Thank you Raphael. I have put my music on google play. This one i think came out pretty well and with lesser layers then i\'m used to work with.
2016-10-20 09:23:13
Lauryl Laureth - 1066
(no ratings)
I'm PPB, you told me thanks for listening the track in a private message in IDJ , but I don't remember I listened to this song...So I did it now ! :-)
2016-10-19 17:37:00
Lauryl Laureth - 1066
(no ratings)
I think this is ambient music, not minimal techno ! Anyways this is a good track !
2016-10-19 17:35:21