Song Review Date Posted
Particle-X - Mindsaver
(no ratings)
Another good track ! I yet heard these vocals in an idj song...Very deep athmosphere there...Something etheral...Nice one man !
2016-09-27 18:07:20
Synthworx - When It Ends You Will See Me
(no ratings)
This one is just beautiful and majestic ! Good balance of various elements/instruments ... really feels like chill out music feelings... dude I like this track and I will download it ! You make so much songs, I don't like them as much as this one but sometimes you really surprise me the good way...have a good time and I hope your health is going better ! peace Synthworx ! :-D may your path be full of light. :-)
response from artist Thank you my friend I wish you the best as well cheers.
2016-09-27 04:50:28
EatMe - EatMe - It's Hot In Here - with EAZ visuals
(no ratings)
I like this ! Beautiful melodies, the instruments are a bit too basic for me but well it makes some music anyway :-) Is it these old pc (80x86's cpu ?) graphics ? I think you should make a more sophesticate mix with this compo...Something more modern and evolved...This composition is excellent ! Like is said the instruments are oldschool and a bit poor...Anyway this is still interesting to listen !
2016-09-27 03:34:57
Michael^2 - David Guetta - Hey Mama (Official Video) ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack
(no ratings)
Ok...the video works fine for me now ! thanks Michael for a site of quality :-)
2016-09-26 17:10:59
Synthworx - Hammer To Fall Queen (Monophonic Mix)
(no ratings)
very strange harmonisation of synths and vocals...yes not perfect, but you had an idea...Where do these vocals come from ??? I especially love the last minute of the track ! I notice a refreshing effect in my mind while the track is over and it's full of silence around me !
response from artist Ya I was just playing around with this track, sometimes it works sometimes not so much, but its still fun to try and make something sound different from the original, thanks for the review mate cheers.
2016-09-25 04:50:10
Particle-X - Enchanted dreams
(no ratings)
You still have this so lush style of trance, still between ambient trance and goa...A bit chill a bit psy with drums...Well this project is good and I notice you make more bridges now that is a good idea ! :-) The vocal sample is a good idea too...Your music is better than ever now ! You respect more the "rules" to make a modern music track...What I though with many of your tracks in the past is that you understood what is difficult to get...but not what is simple and needed to make a "formated" track...Dude this track is very good anyway...I think I will check more than you soon ! Have nice day P-X...Are the graphic web art of your song pics by you ? They are good ! They always been ! Peace bro !
response from artist Thanks for your positive words. I allways try to absorb the critics i get in reviews to try and improve my work. So thanks for your advice. About the graphics indeed i make most of my graphics/songpics myself.
2016-09-24 21:15:36
Pluxx7 Music Studio - MAZE
(no ratings)
The begining of the tracks makes me think of the old music of this game : "Age Of Empire 2" :-) I like this track and a lot the "fx" vowell pad. The track is too repeatitive in my opinion. I think this need more work, you got something decent there to enhance.
2016-09-24 21:07:32
Synthworx - The After Life Effect
(no ratings)
Strange track...I think orchestration is a bit weird...Not bad but not from your best tracks...This need a stronger bass maybe ? This track have ghost feeling...Like if I were dreaming...I think this need more work !
response from artist Thanks for the review Raphael, I wanted this track to sound dreamy and give off a errie vibe and I guess it worked. all the best to you as well mate cheers.
2016-09-22 01:52:31
DJ Galactic - Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Vs Hippie Sabotage (DJ Galactic DnB Remix)
(no ratings)
Good track, very creative for a remix, I like it but it's a bit confuse about mixing, you have a bit of resident "noise" or "clash" ... Anyways I really enjoyed listening to this mix, it have fresh energy and a phreaking style ! You could master it a bit better that's my only critic...I will add this one to my playlist...thanks !
2016-09-22 01:47:22
Ab oVo - The illusion of freedom
(no ratings)
Track starts like a "Talvin Singh" song...but it's real psychedelic trance music after this...Congrat it's well done, juicy, hooky and full of flavor...A great mix !
response from artist Thank you so much! I\'m glad you liked my song! For you, for your favorite participants.
2016-09-22 01:29:34