Song Review Date Posted
Rex Razor - Man in the Future
Nice one! Great backing track, good vocals too. Nice FX.
2016-10-20 23:08:19
Liked this one... keep them coming.
2016-10-16 23:38:50
Lauryl Laureth - You Love Me (Don't Stop) Original Version
Great production! Like the phrasing and the downtempo feel for a change.
response from artist Just read your review. Thank you. I should upload the second version to compare the two.
2016-10-11 22:58:25
Syntheticsax - Gibraltar
(no ratings)
GREAT track!
2016-10-07 13:19:04
Daryl - Torkington - Move
fantastic track... love the bounce and the vocal fx.
2016-09-18 20:56:42
DJ Galactic - Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Vs Hippie Sabotage (DJ Galactic DnB Remix)
Awesome track... love the drums and the progression
2016-09-17 22:13:37
Victor Special - Mark Jous & Eufonica-Fly With Me(Victor Special Remix)
Great track! Thanks for sharing.
response from artist Thank you , Michael !!!
2016-09-14 16:02:12
We Are The Sun - We Are The Sun - Jungle Baby (Original Mix)
Awesome... thanks for sharing.
2016-09-07 23:39:07
Synthworx - I Don't Remember Why I Follow
This is amazing...
response from artist Thank you Michael I enjoyed creating this track, like most music I find it makes me feel good when I\'m down. all the best mate cheers.
2016-08-26 02:05:15
TrajDali - Hass Hammoud ft Farisha - Rewind (TrajDali Remix)
response from artist Thanks!
2016-08-20 14:15:34