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Synthworx - I Feel So Unique
The passage kicking off at 3.35 is $$$. Absolutely love that bass, and the percussion combo here. Not a fan of the plucky melody - I think it's too much - just the bass, percs and vox fx are perfect here, imho. Nice sweep pad transition. I'm a freak, but I could just listed to this 1 minute segment on repeat for a while. Well done.
response from artist Thank you mate for the kind comment and wonderful review.\r\nI enjoy making music for fun and always glad if others enjoy it as well.\r\nAll the best\r\nCheers.
2016-03-25 01:11:38
Synthworx - I Can't Wait 4 Ever
Great track. Love the work with the chorus, nice use of filters. The mix could be cleaner, but it's a solid track either way.
response from artist Thank you mate sorry for the late reply but it never showed up on the site that I had a pm all the best cheers.
2016-03-25 01:08:46
Synthworx - On The D Floor
This is good shit, man.
response from artist Thanks mate.\r\nI had fun with this one.\r\nAll the best and thank you for kind review.\r\nCheers.
2016-03-25 01:06:14
SoniQ Dreamers - Matriarch & Sage
(no ratings)
Almost another 7 years gone by and this tune is still on my mind. In fact, it just inspired me to write a new trance track, a sort of unofficial homage. Wherever you are - hope you're still doing your thing.
2015-12-08 05:18:26
Dj Baassbooster - Feat. Kate Lesing - I Miss You
Wow man this is a tremendous trance sound straight from 2005 - love it. Very nicely arranged, sounds great and keeps to the original mix and structure. Really enjoyed this.
2015-02-28 23:49:12
Pee Oui - Who Wants To Go Shootin' Zombies With President Putin?
Wow. I especially like the part where he was full of gluten. Hope he's not allergic.
response from artist Thanks :-) This is from my very 1st attempt EVER at creating my own album called \"Lady Gaga In Space 2015\". Thanks for your review! Pee Wee
2015-02-28 23:29:12
EatMe - EatMe - Aerotrain
Great tune. Nice atmosphere, great beat. Great progression and development. Great work on this one - one of my favorites from you so far. Look forward to remixing this one. Can you add midi files for the melodies and bassline?
response from artist Check the cheat sheet! It shows all relevant information I could give you.
2015-02-24 16:24:39
Effin Nev - It's Your World
Really nice intro, I like how it builds up. Like the crispness of the hats, like the bass sound, like the vocal mix. Great structure and transitions. Overall, a solid production - I enjoyed it.
response from artist Hey Sonaris :D\r\n\r\nThanks for the kind review, glad you liked it!
2014-10-23 21:48:36
GethWho - Geth Who - I Didn't Write These Chords (I Just Like Them)
(no ratings)
2014-10-07 21:30:20
How in the fuck is this 1 minute track #1 on the chart right now?
response from artist because its dope as fuck \r\n
2014-08-20 23:25:10